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NFC – Tapping along the customer journey

NFC the simple connector

Kreis1 Offering access to content and experiences
Kreis Controlled by the user
Kreis3 Simpler than QR or BT connections
Kreis2 Bridging the digital and physical world for dynamic
brand experience
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Checkbox_haken brand information and authentication
Checkbox_haken electronics pairing
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What is NFC? – NFC stands for Near Field Communication

Active_InactiveIt is a wireless technology that uses the radio field to send and receive various content.There are two components to successful NFC connectivity – the programmed tag and the reader – like an NFC-enabled mobile phone.
NFC tags are small, lightweight assemblies that can be attached to just about anything.Each tag combines a tiny computer chip, smaller than a grain of sand, with an antenna that picks up electromagnetic energy beamed at it from the NFC mobile phone. When the tag senses the energy, it identifies itself with a unique number, and the reader can write to it and read its content.

Some facts on NFC


987 Million
NFC handsets in market globally10 in 10
handset manufacturers are
supporting NFC85%
OS share of smartphone market28 Million
NFC devices in Germany
1 in 2
Smartphones with NFC capabillity527%
Handset shipments growth
2012-201540 Million
NFC devices in Germany
1.8 Billion
NFC handsets in market globally52 Million
NFC devices in Germany