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The Digitally Enhanced Shopper Journey: NFC and BLE

The retail industry is in the midst of a dramatic shift: in-store foot traffic is down, online research is up and smartphones are becoming increasingly important to customers’ shopping journey. ‘Everywhere commerce’, a term coined by the Futures Company, has arrived and is here to stay. Increasingly connected shoppers expect a seamless, multichannel experience when engaging with stores virtually or physically. By 2016, Forrester predicts that connected retail will influence 44% of retail sales.

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Vodafone uses NXP’s NTAG213 to offer value added services to customers

The solution provided by smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG consists of NFC labels and QR codes applied to acrylic displays as well as a software solution – smart-TEC’s new “smart-CLOUD NFC”.
When tapping the NFC labels or scanning the QR codes, users can access digital services such as the Vodafone Wallet or digital vouchers via the Vodafone voucher app.

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