Brands can uniquely connect with their consumers

Kreis through their most personal devices – mobile phones
Kreis1 across home, life and store

Connecting with current and potentials customers through a willful action
Delivering content in context – bridging physical and digital worlds
Engaging through a meaningful experience
Closing the connection loop

TagClose the gap between physical objects and digital content

Kreis No App needed
Kreis1 No barcodes or marks on your design
Kreis2 Just a tiny little tag, embedded in the graphic and – if you want – removable to create multiple contacts
     in relevant situations


NFC uniquely bridges the digital and physical worlds around us. How?
NFC tags can be incorporated into a variety of different media, including magazine ads, catalogues, direct mail pieces, posters, point of purchase displays, on packaging or on products themselves. They facilitate simple, effortless interactivity from consumers – thus transforming your static physical asset infrastructure into dynamic content delivery networks.