Influencing their purchase journey “Tap Points of Truth“

Get a unique direct CONNECTION to customers – both current and prospective. NFC offers a simple intuitive way for customers to interact via their smartphone and experience rich brand and product-related content and assets. In this way, Brand owners can now uniquely INFLUENCE THEIR CUSTOMERS‘ JOURNEYS and purchasing behaviors all the way from discovery and engagement over purchase to loyalty.



Unique way to connect the PHYSICAL to the DIGITAL worlds – thus transforming physical media and objects into dynamic content experiences. Print ads and posters, direct mails, PoS materials, on-pack, in-pack, on-product …. The possibilities of connected media are endless! Brand owners also have the ability via their server platform or loaded app to dynamically update and manage every piece of contactless information deployed in the field so content stays fresh and relevant.


Easter Egg Hunt
(Germany 2015)
mobilcom-debitel  invited people to a digital egg hunt on an out of home poster (2,50 m  x 3,50 m).
All they needed was their NFC enabled smartphone. While searching with their smartphone the users received hints as text messages such as “A bit further left” and when hitting the right NFC tag they were linked to a mobile responsive registration page to enter the raffle.

Agency: Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg


BMW Print Ad
(Germany 2014)
BMW and SPIEGEL WISSEN team up to create the first mass-produced NFC print ad in Germany
The NFC enabled ad can be found in 165.000 copies of the October issue of Spiegel Wissen. NFC smartphone users can launch the new BMW iApp by simply placing their phone on the ad. They can then explore a range of interactive information and services that demonstrate BMW‘s sustainable mobility capabilities.
In this way, NFC provides advertisers with the chance to enrich the reader experience by providing valuable extras – seamlessly merging physical and digital worlds. As NFC lets you also gather data about each action, advertisers can now gain a better understanding of how consumers are interacting with their brand content.


Aki Choklat NFC bag
(Italy 2014)
The Aki Choklat bag collection is the first to feature NFC technology that enables you to register as the owner of the product. The bags are equipped with an almost microscopic hidden tag that communicates wirelessly with NFC-enabled smartphones, creating a link between the customer and the bag.
With an App you can create content around the bags: e.g. a travel diary, a bag archive. Choose to transfer the ownership of the bag to another person, or report it stolen – if the unfortunate occasion arises.