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BVDW Guide “Proximity Solutions – Smart Technologies to create digital touchpoint”

Consumer’s path into the store becomes more and more individual and unique. The smartphone delivers relevant insights pre-store, in-store, after purchasing and attends the consumer while using the product during the whole lifecycle. Beside the optimized purchase journey the relationship to the customer becomes a snowballing role. Consumers expect much more than a working product. They are looking for individual services, a direct communication with the brand and – across all channels and touchpoints – a seamless unique experience.

By 2020 customer experience will be the „key brand differentiator“ and will push aside price and product. 86% of the consumers will pay more for an enhanced customer experience (Walker Customers 2020: The Future of B-to-B Customer Experience) .

The biggest challenge for brands will be a seamless experience across all touchpoints.

To turn a „Maybe I should have bought this…“ into a purchase anytime and anywhere– brick-and-mortar or online – will be an additional value of a digitalized customer journey. It needs extensive data to realize this. And customers are willing to provide these for a better experience.

And for all this bildschirmfoto-2016-09-09-um-14-10-38you need proximity solutions. Technologies, such as NFC, beacons, GPS/Geofencing or QR, complement each other, provide a seamless experience and massive insights for further development.

Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V. with his Focus Group Mobile released the guide “Proximity Solutions – Smart Technologies to create digital touchpoints” which explains how retailers and brands can use proximity solutions to gain mobile data and create a meaningful experience for the consumer.

To read the full BVDW guide “Proximity Solutions – Smart Technologies to create digital touchpoints” (German) complete with case studies, click here

Consortium to develop NFC packaging across UK supply chain

The Centre cpiconsortiumfor Process Innovation (CPI) has formed a specialist consortium to create a UK manufacturing supply chain that will support the widespread adoption of NFC packaging. The three year project aims to “develop new processes, equipment and applications to enable the high volume manufacturing — billions or even trillions — of printed electronic components that incorporate NFC,” the company says.

“The project is providing a technology platform to develop new, innovative and novel functionalities and applications, alongside the building of specialist skills and capabilities,” CPI adds. “A key emphasis is to apply highly automated and high speed integration techniques to meet targets costs of 1% per NFC tag.

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