Cebit Logo Hannover 06/2018
For “” we mirrored in a keynote today’s expectations of connected citizens towards municipal and governmental services. Retail and brands teach consumers in creating meaningful experiences through digital touch points. For the public sector digitization offers new experiences and improve processes.



Düsseldorf, 03/2017
In the “POPAI Village” we offered keynotes each day: “Optimized Customer Journeys with Proximity Solutions”



Munich, 12/2016
„Innovation, Impact, Sustainability“ – under this headline the conference shows programmatic print products, robotics for text concepts and data-driven print inserts for e-commerce.



Münster, 11/2016
We are proud to support the annaul „Marketing Alumni Symposium“ of the University of Münster as speaker with the keynote “Digitized Customer Journeys – Chance für passgenaues Marketing“.




Hamburg, 06/2016
“Customise – Experience – Get in touch”: these are the three mainstays of the type of packaging that bridges the gap    between design, lifestyle and art.
We are offering daily workshop sessions „Smart Packaging“ on both event days. Find out more >>



BVDW Lab „Proximity Solutions“
Join and support us at the Proximtity Lab and discover new technologies, discuss use cases and meet the right people to implement proximities (NFC, beacons, Geofencing and others) in your customer journey to enhance their experience.



Hamburg, 02/2016
SMA joined the exPACKtation – organized by Brandpack and indeed-Innovations – with an interactive NFC workshop. Find out more >>



Hamburg, 02/2016
Panel Participation: „The Invisible Hand – Which Technology will be the most influencing within the next three years for German industry?“ . Find out more >>


Mobikon participation as exhibitor, speaker and proximity tour guide
As part of the – SMA initiated – “Proximity Area” we gained a lot of awareness for NFC and received many insights and market news, s.a. the repeated view NFC is part and kind of “starting point” to the IoT. The “SMA Pub” was one of the most visited stands at the Mobikon



Hamburg, 09/2015
SMA was invited to present NFC technology for POS solutions as speaker at this conference for leading print media sale representative.



This conference is always a fix date in our September calendar. The dmexco is a huge „family“ meeting in the media industry and always good for market insights, trends and discussions.



Hamburg + Cologne, 11/2014 + 02/2015

We invited brands, publishers and printing houses to a half-day interactive workshop to present NFC as simple tool to create digital touchpoint. On the agenda: Technology introduction, ideation session and programming dummies.



Hamburg, 11/2013
SMA-Partner Winckel sponsered a special price, a „NFC Media Package“ together with SPIEGEL.
The price went to Grabarz&Partner for a gold idea.