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NFC powered musical jacket and first NFC music album deck

British singer-songwriter Beatie Wolfe promotes her new single “Take me Home” with a very special jacket – designed by Mr. Fish, who created designs for David Bowie or Mick Jagger – and demostrates music as wearable: When someone taps it with his phone it brings up a page showcasing Wolfe’s new single.

“I just wanted to bring back — or sort of revive — the best of that tangibility, that storytelling and that sense of ceremony that I experienced as a kid,” she said. “But make people that were streaming and downloading from iTunes and all of that, make them really want to engage with it.”

She’s also turned her album “Montagu Square” into a deck of NFC-enabled cards — just tap your phone on a card and you can listen to one of the songs on the album.